Day 10 – June 15 – Early in the morning, we learned what the developing troubles with Ken’s transmission were. Ken lost low gear completely and upon examination, he discovered that his low gear drum was cracked. We changed our reservations from Sparks, NV to Carson City, NV where there was an active chapter of the Model T Ford Club of America that had previously offered to assist us if needed when we passed through their area. Thanks to the generous assistance of Wendell Newman, Bill Williamson, Bill Crider and many other club members who shared their garages, Model T parts, and skills. They sorted us out to various workshops and we worked on four of the five cars in problems ranging from minor to serious. Only the car belonging to Ross Lilliker required no repairs. Ross worked with Ken as they pulled his engine.

615a – This tour is going to the dogs! Taylor, belonging to Jennifer Hardeman, tries his hand at driving. Who says it is hard to drive a Model T?