Transportation and Shipping Services

We have rebuilt engines and restored cars for people here locally in College Station, Texas and for people as far away as Hawaii, New Zealand, Holland, New York, Florida, Mexico, England and many other places.

If you need us to, we can help you arrange shipping of your whole car or just your engine.  Many times it isn’t as expensive as you think.  We work with freight brokers to ensure you get the best price with the most reliable transportation companies.

We often even come get the car ourselves, if that is applicable.  And we can certainly try to deliver your car if we have fully restored it.

So even if you live across town, state, country or world you can still choose us to complete your project!  Just let us know if you need help getting it here.

For smaller shipments like blocks, transmissions, engines, rear axles, oil pans, etc. if you can crate and palletize them we can arrange for pick-up.  If you need a liftgate, extra insurance or if the pick-up place is residential there are extra charges.

If you ship your parts in a crate we will use your crate to ship them return.  If we need to supply a crate there will be a $200 crating fee for time and materials used.

You can always arrange shipping yourself.  Our address to ship to is 8427 Turkey Creek Rd, College Station, Texas 77845.  It is a business and we do not require a lift gate.