Why Choose Lilleker Antique Auto Restorations?

If you don’t have the time, tools or skills to restore your own car or engine, you are probably in the market for someone who can help you.  Choosing someone who you trust to restore your car or build your engine is not always an easy task.  We realize that your project will involve a lot of money and your beloved car.  We would like to encourage you to learn about us so that when you choose us for your next project, you know you have made the right decision.

Lilleker Antique Auto Restorations can provide you with a full service restoration shop that specializes in your type of car.  We work full time on projects like yours.  We have a spacious and organized shop with inside storage for your project.  We have years of experience, both fixing cars and driving cars.  We go on many long distance tours, usually driving our cars to local, regional and national tours.  We know what breaks and where it breaks.  That gives us the experience to know where to look for potential problems in your engine and car.  We want to make sure that your car not only stays on the road, but runs great so you can enjoy your next tour. Check out the Model T Tours page for pictures from some of our tours.  Including the longest tour yet, the 2001 Texas to Alaska tour!

Ross Lilleker takes pride in his work and is committed to providing the highest quality and in some cases most authentic restoration reasonably possible.  The condition of your vehicle and your financial commitment to the restoration project are keys to it’s success.  Many parts, particularly mechanical parts, will be the existing original parts, whose durability we cannot guarantee.  We cannot guarantee your vehicle as a new car manufacturer would.  However, we do give a limited warranty against certain defects in workmanship or materials and will pass any warranties along to you for your applicable parts supplied to us by others.  We want you to have many years of happy touring.  We want people to ask you why your car runs so much better than theirs, and for you to recommend us to others.

It is helpful to ask your fellow car enthusiasts about their cars and where their get their work done.  We would love to provide you with a list of previous customers.  Perhaps, one will be from your area so you can stop by to have a look at their car.  A little bit of research will help you to determine what you want your car to look and run like.

We would love to show you our shop and our current projects, and of course our personal cars.  We are lifetime members of both the MTFCA and the MTFCI and are really into this hobby.  If you can’t make it to Texas, we are on tour as much as possible and would love to meet you out on the road.  For now this website should be a good introduction to who we are and what we do.  The About Us Page is a great place to start!

“Ross’ service on our Model T and Model A has made it possible for us to enjoy this wonderful hobby. Without him working on our cars we probably would seldom get them out of the garage.” ~Ernie
“Ross does excellent work and is very knowledgeable about early cars. I highly recommend his services.” ~Michael
“Your Service is really vital to folks, especially like myself, who are “old timers” just wanting to live out their days with a taste of nostalgia, a desire to be able to enjoy senior life with a pastime common to an incredible number of hobbyists in our country.
For you it is a love of labor, but I know it is also a business you must profit from for your survival. Your integrity is a greater asset than monetary gain and as you at times find pressures, time frames, and obstacles almost insurmountable, may God give you the grace to get through them so your business might continue to be successful, but that your integrity might continue to stay as a shining strength.” ~Roger