Day 13 – June 18 – An anticipated early start toward Crater Lake disappeared when Ben’s Fordor lost its Ford low. After a 4-hour roadside repair, we started out once again only to find that the car still was not running properly. We limped into the small town of McCloud, CA, and stopped at the McCloud Building Supply where owners Bob and Adrienne Wieder were preparing to go home. Bob called various rental agencies before finding one that had a truck and car-trailer available but they were about to close. Bob zoomed Ben into the nearby town of Mt. Shasta where he rented a truck and trailer and led him back to his store. After loading the Fordor on the trailer, Ben and Nancy started on the 350 mile journey for Portland, OR, and the home of Bill and Betty Smith. The Smiths were planning to join the trip but opened their home and garage to give Ben a few days headstart on the repairs. Jennifer and Ginger drove on to Crater Lake as scheduled where they met David, Bill and Sue. The other part of our group, Ross, Ken and Joyce, had finished Ken’s repairs and left Carson City. After driving all day, they spent the night in the town of Susanville, OR. Our group of five cars spent the night in three different places.

618a – Mt. Shasta, in the background of this photo of Ben’s fordor, looks like a mountain ought to look. Massive, imposing, towering over everything around it and its peak covered with snow – what a beautiful mountain. We had stopped for this photo but, in actual fact, this was taken shortly before we were decided our problems were too serious to go on.