Day 4 – June 9 – The fourth day, the vanguard of our group made the trip to Holbrook, AZ. It was interstate driving – there is no other way to get across New Mexico from Albuqueque to the Grand Canyon which is where they hope to be by Sunday evening. The traffic was heavy and frightening but they made it safely and were resting this evening.

On the fourth day of our trip, we drove 350 miles from Post, Texas, to Albuquerque. It was a long drive, with miles and miles of perfecctly straight roadway, the kinds of vistas that you picture with the true “West”, pastures that spread out from the highway forever, punctuated with moments of terrifying encounters with 18-wheelers thundering through the empty countryside. Nancy is considered taking the anti-anxiety pills that Jennifer brought for her dog, Taylor. We plan to get on the road early tomorrow and, while we may not make it to the Grand Canyon as scheduled, we hope to get within striking distance.

Thus far, very little has gone according to plan. However, here we are, all in one piece, on our way to the adventure of our lives! And, in case you ever wonder whether there are people in the world who will help strangers in trouble, the answer is yes.

609a – A serious leak under Ross’s car? Ben, while driving Ross’s car, parked over this massive stain and then told Ross that he was afraid Ross had developed a problem. Ross, whose car has run perfectly, had to take a deep breath before he realized it couldn’t possibly have come from his crankcase.