Complete Model A Long Block Rebuild

Our Model A Long Block Rebuild Includes:

  • Disassemble, de-greasing, cleaning and inspecting of all parts including magnaflux crack testing of crankshaft and block
  • Resurfacing the head and manifold faces
  • Re-grind the crankshaft
  • Installation of unleaded valve seats and new valve guides
  • New alloy valves, springs, retainers and lifters
  • rebabbitted main bearings and align boring with full laminated shim stack
  • Rebabbitted connecting rods with re-bushed wrist pin
  • Rebored to next oversize on piston bores
  • New alloy pistons and rings
  • New crank gear and laminated timing gear
  • Reground cam with adjustable lifters
  • Resurface cylinder head
  • Install Modern headgasket and heavy duty head studs
  • Rebuild oil pump
  • Rebuild distributor drive, assemble timing cover and oil tube
  • Install flywheel housing
  • Balance and resurface flywheel with new ring gear
  • Assemble and paint

Upgrade Options Include:

  • Metal Timing gear
  • Straight sided valves and conventional valve guides
  • New Model B Camshaft or a driver re-grind camshaft
  • Larger valve head diameter and ported valve ports
  • A new Scat Crank
  • Lightened flywheel
  • Flywheel machined for V8 clutch
  • Heavy duty oil pump
  • Clutch and pressure plate installation

Extra cost may be required for the following:

  • Cracked block repair (price depends on the severity of the crack)
  • Cracked crankshaft
  • Unavailable or unusable cores such as the camshaft, connecting rods, main caps and bolts
  • Resleeving the cylinders
  • Helicoils for bad bolt threads and broken head bolts
  • Badly burnt or distorted manifold face

An estimate of the cost for our Model A Long Block Rebuild is $2725 (Mar2016)