Texas Touring T’s Hilltop Lakes Tour

Saturday, May 15, 2016

Our local club, the Texas Touring T’s, hosted a one day Spring tour to Hilltop Lakes.  We left from our shop a little after 10am and to my delight we drove a short way to Starbucks for coffee.

We then proceeded East through Bryan to Edge.  We stopped briefly at the Edge General store to fill up the water on Ryan Levermann’s borrowed Fordor.  From there we had smooth driving till our lunch stop at Hilltop Lakes, a retirement golf course and lake community in the countryside.  We all enjoyed lunch at their clubhouse which was organized by a fellow club member, Mark Perkins, who lives out there.  Luckily, right next to the clubhouse was a superb playground area where all the kids could get some energy out, while the others had a short tour around the lakes.

Two new young families joined our group today.  Ryan, Amanda (5 months pregnant), Avery and Annie Levermann are from Sugarland and have a TT truck.  The truck is off a farm in Cameron that Amanda’s family owns.  It runs, but slowly like all TT’s do.  They borrowed a Fordor from us so that they could all ride comfortably.

Justin, Judy, Peyton, Dana and Connor Elliott recently moved to Katy from South Africa.  Their cars are still in a container being shipped over.  In all we had 6 girls from ages 7-2.5  and Connor is 18m.  It was a wonderful day for us all to make new friends.  It didn’t rain on us despite rain being all around and the cloud coverage kept it a bit cooler, which was nice.

From Hilltop Lakes we simply did a straight shot run back to the shop and everyone loaded up for the trip home.  Thank you to Art Langrish and Mark Perkins for helping organize us and facilitate this day! Maybe we can squeeze in one more tour before the brutal hot of Texas summers starts.

First stop – Starbucks!!

“She got a little hot”

Club members Denny and Gwen Irvine in their pick-up truck

In front of Edge Country Store

Central Texas does have some trees and curvy roads!

Vivien and Courtney Lilleker

Avery and Annie Levermann

Dana and Peyton Elliott

Some of our new Model T Friends!!